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Crossroads Fellowship Church

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Crossroads Fellowship is a church that believes in the Lord Jesus Christ, and loves all people


It is our desire to share the love, grace and mercy of our Lord by being doers of the Word and not hearers only, so that all men and women might come to the knowledge of the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ, that none would perish.

If you ever in our area we invite you to be our guest.  Again thank you, please come again.


This timeless short evangelist read, written by our pastor through a vision given by God in 2010 goes behind the veil of the natural into the spiritual, and reveals the reality of Heaven and Hell.

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No One Should Perish!

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Helping Take Back The Airways For Jesus!

Praise God!  Crossroads has began a new adventure....The broadcasting business.  In January of 2020 after much discussion and prayerful thoughts, the members decided to embark on a new endeavor.  The church previously had a 15 minute broadcast on a local station "The Agape Message" that aired once a week before this.

The name, "The Agape Message" was given by the late Donna Watkins and in her memory the new station was named "The Agape Message Station"  The station plays a variety of Gospel music in addition to sermons, and can be heard 24/7.   We hope that you would include our station on your dial. and that you will give us feed back by emailing us.  If there is a song that you would like for us to include, email us and let us know.

We are excited about this new venture and look forward in adding interviews, talks  etc.  But for now, bear with us and pray for us as we build our music library to exalt our risen Savior! Click to enjoy!