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Crossroads Fellowship Church

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Crossroads Fellowship is a church that believes in the Lord Jesus Christ, and loves all people


It is our desire to share the love, grace and mercy of our Lord by being doers of the Word and not hearers only, so that all men and women might come to the knowledge of the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ, that none would perish.

If you ever in our area we invite you to be our guest.  Again thank you, please come again.


This timeless short evangelist read, written by our pastor through a vision given by God in 2010 goes behind the veil of the natural into the spiritual, and reveals the reality of Heaven and Hell.

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No One Should Perish!

"Playing the music, cultivating the heart for Heaven."

Praise God!  Crossroads began a new adventure....The broadcasting business in January of 2020. 

The name, "The Agape Message"  was given by our late Sister Donna K. Watkins, and in her memory the new station was named the "Agape Gospel Message Station" (AGMS)  The station plays a variety of Gospel music in addition to sermons, and can be heard free 24/7.   We hope that you will include our station on your dial by downloading the free "Live365" app.  For music submissions to AGMS click tab above for requirements.  

                                                       Stay Safe & Help Keep Others safe!

.....Thou shalt love thy neighbors as thyself. (Mat. 22:39)

Due to the virus, our services are being broadcast on our "variety" gospel  radio station, "The Agape Gospel Message Station."  The "Agape Message" sermons can be heard Sunday - Fridays on the station at 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM. 

You can also join us on our conference number "live" at 11:00 AM. Each Sunday by calling  1-425-436-6200. # 603840.  To listen to our 24/7 station click below. 

Submit your recorded testimony by June 15th to  Recordings will play Sat. June 19th. at 10am. and 6pm.

Share your testimony!

Father's Day Appreciation!

Mothers and kids!  Show your appreciation for the man that has faithfully held it down for you!  The Agape' Message Gospel Station (AMGS)  Is accepting pre-recorded Father's Day messages by June 15th.  To be aired on June 20th at 1-2 PM. 

Make sure you get yours in and surprise him that day.  Email messages to: crossroadsfellowshipchurch!  Do it today!